Marching Whales

Often, before going to bed, some pictures come find me and bother me :/  I drew a quick sketch before I forgot the image so that I could finalize it later. Here is the one. I will name it as Marching Whales. Enjoy :)


New Banner!

New banner for upcoming convention! so excited!


Gangsta Polar Bear

Gangsta Polar Bear who want to conquer other land animals



Drawing Dino is very relaxing! Here is a stegosaurus :)

Argg! I am angry because I am hungry! :/


Paper Boat

Paper Boat - I have an idea for picture book that makes me interested in exploring more in order to match what I vision. I am trying to see how my work with story with paper boat conveys emotional feeling I want.

It is quiet slow process of developing my picture book idea but let's see how this goes. Hope I don't scrape this one! :/