Beary Merry Christmas!

"Beary Merry Christmas!" - I thought what if there is Christmas on animal world, What would it look like? While a bear hibrates in the winter, he knew he was nice and kind this year. Well, he wishes he could get a present from Santa. Merry Christmas, Everyone!


2D Sequence Art of The Adventure of Puss in Boots, Season 4

Finally, Season 4 of The Adventure of Puss in Boots is out on Netflix. Go check it out!
Here are some of my work I've done for 2D Sequence in the show.


Gingerbread man's Holiday

"Gingerbread Man's Holiday" - This gingerbread man is enjoying his time in hot chocolate. Here is my a Christmas Holiday illustration. ❄️Happy Holiday, Everyone! 🎅


CTN Animation Expo 2016!

I had lots of fun at CTN last weekend! It was great catching up with friends from school and got to meet paul lasine for portfolio review! Really like the new layout for artists alleys. Workshops and panels were there very informative as well. Can't wait to visit next year again! :D



"Adventure!" - Here is an experimental illustration piece I did with some wrinkled paper texture. Interpreting things and drawing like a kid gives me so much creativity and freedom in my design.


"Play with me!"

"Play with me!"


Morning Water

"Morning Water"


Color Studies

some color studies from reference I did this week.



"Journey" - as we build our path and walk on the path, there are sometimes barriers and fear that we might encounter. Sometimes its too dark, it can be hard to believe if there is light. We keep rowing as we believe our faith and listen to our intuition. Hope we get there where light and happiness is.


BC Children Hospital Mural Art

It's been such a pleasure and exciting to work on mural works for BC Children's Hospital for 4 months. As an artist,illustrator, I have tried my best to bring positive energy, joy, pure sensitivity and emotion through artwork and I hope this can make the environment fun and relaxing.


Plein air painting - Color studies

Boat @ Granville Island

Old Cummer Bridge

Farmer's Field in Port Coquitlam

A White Bark @ Edmond Park


More Dinos





Cloud Train

"Cloud Train" - I had a lot of fun working on this piece. I've been doing some color studies outdoor every weekend so I applied painterly approach to this and it felt right to me. Hope you like it. Choo~Choo~


Lighthouse at Stanley Park

Lighthouse at Stanley Park - 9"x12" Oil on Canvas Board.


Pianist in the forest

Personal Illustration - Pianist in the forest.

Color Study/Concept to see how it looks.

My natural and spontaneous sketch.


Plein air in pastel

It's been a quite a while I have used pastel since school. I got inspired from this amazing artist, Karen Margulis from YouTube and I had papers for pastel and thought that I should give it a shot!


Flower Cart

Personal illustration - lost in meadow but found a beautiful flower cart covered with flowers.


Plein Air Color Study Paintings

Weather was amazing in this summer and decided to take my Strada easel I bought last year and went to Park near home.

Approximately spent 1.5 hour to study color in oil painting on 6"x 8" panel @ Central Park in Burnaby BC.


Vancaf 2016!

It was such amazing experience for me to exhibit at Vancouver Comic Arts Festival with Derek!
Thank you to all wonderful and friendly people giving me so much good energy that makes me make more artworks!

Thanks everyone for support! :)


Marching Whales

Often, before going to bed, some pictures come find me and bother me :/  I drew a quick sketch before I forgot the image so that I could finalize it later. Here is the one. I will name it as Marching Whales. Enjoy :)


New Banner!

New banner for upcoming convention! so excited!


Gangsta Polar Bear

Gangsta Polar Bear who want to conquer other land animals



Drawing Dino is very relaxing! Here is a stegosaurus :)

Argg! I am angry because I am hungry! :/


Paper Boat

Paper Boat - I have an idea for picture book that makes me interested in exploring more in order to match what I vision. I am trying to see how my work with story with paper boat conveys emotional feeling I want.

It is quiet slow process of developing my picture book idea but let's see how this goes. Hope I don't scrape this one! :/


Kindergarten Exterior

Kindergarten Exterior Design - I thought of what kids will like and what could be fun stuff that can be built for school. It will be very fun if buildings have animal features. So yeah here it is.. :)


Kindergarten Interior

I don't know why but when I look at modern Kindergarten design, it inspired me so much..
There are so much creativity and positive energy from simple visual shapes and combination with nature surrounding. I really like that fact that they can use space and design to create environment for kids and I think that's so cool!

Anyway, I tried to come up with my own kindergarten that I wanted to go if I were a kid.  :)


My Brush Tool Preset!

I am sharing my brush package on https://gum.co/auHj.
check it out!