Cafe Interior Design

Personal work inspired by Cafe Interior Design and Atmosphere.


Beary Merry Christmas!

"Beary Merry Christmas!" - I thought what if there is Christmas on animal world, What would it look like? While a bear hibrates in the winter, he knew he was nice and kind this year. Well, he wishes he could get a present from Santa. Merry Christmas, Everyone!


2D Sequence Art of The Adventure of Puss in Boots, Season 4

Finally, Season 4 of The Adventure of Puss in Boots is out on Netflix. Go check it out!
Here are some of my work I've done for 2D Sequence in the show.


Gingerbread man's Holiday

"Gingerbread Man's Holiday" - This gingerbread man is enjoying his time in hot chocolate. Here is my a Christmas Holiday illustration. ❄️Happy Holiday, Everyone! 🎅


CTN Animation Expo 2016!

I had lots of fun at CTN last weekend! It was great catching up with friends from school and got to meet paul lasine for portfolio review! Really like the new layout for artists alleys. Workshops and panels were there very informative as well. Can't wait to visit next year again! :D



"Adventure!" - Here is an experimental illustration piece I did with some wrinkled paper texture. Interpreting things and drawing like a kid gives me so much creativity and freedom in my design.


"Play with me!"

"Play with me!"


Morning Water

"Morning Water"


Color Studies

some color studies from reference I did this week.



"Journey" - as we build our path and walk on the path, there are sometimes barriers and fear that we might encounter. Sometimes its too dark, it can be hard to believe if there is light. We keep rowing as we believe our faith and listen to our intuition. Hope we get there where light and happiness is.