"Gift" - This is personal work I did for Christmas. Wish you all have merry Christmas and may all blessings follow throughout the new year :)



First Snow in Vancouver!

It seems to be early but we had first snow in Vancouver!
Here are some paintings I did.


"Time to Wake Up!"

-Personal Work, 2014


"Waterfall? Study"

For the past month, I had injury on my right elbow and got injured from hiking. It was a bit of depressing time for a while and I couldn't feel like doing anything for myself. Feel like im dead. I tried to find solution that can motivate me to sit down and do some painting for my own practice after being exhausted from work. I found that I really enjoyed looking at nature and waterfall, which gives peace and energy at the same time. So here are some of studies I've done for last couple months.


"Third Beach at Stanley Park"

This sketch is done back in the summer, pretty hot but since beautiful ocean is near by so I had cool breeze. I did quick sketch, trying to capture what's going on with different groups of people and finished this off at coffee shop. :-)


Cafe Sketch

I usually liked to go to coffee shop near where I live or hang out with friends and sketch sometimes.
Sketching is something can be described as mental break for me. I also sometimes like to do some experiments with different style or drawing or using different materials such as pen or markers. But this time,
i've used black pencil.


"Color Study"

-Color Study/June-
I've always admired traditional painters and enjoyed pleinair paintings. This time, I've been trying more painterly approach and study color and temperature.



-Personal Project
It was pretty challenging and fun to figure out characters and environment to tell the story.