"Toy Train"

Before going back to Toronto, here is my last piece for you guys!
I am happy that I finally get to see my family and new dog! :)
Merry Christmas for all of you and have awesome holidays!


Cafe Sketch

Hello~ How can i help you?
Sketch for this week


Character Sketch

Here are some of my character sketches done this week.



"Postcard & Prints Are Ready!"

Wooho! I've Finally got my Christmas postcard from Printshop! I'll give away for free at CTN expo. There are limited quantity so better grab them before it's gone!

Here are also prints I will be selling at my table! Please come by!



I am very fortunate to be part of CTN animation Expo this year 2013! If you are coming, please visit T12 table and say hi. I will be mainly selling my prints but I love to share some free limited post cards and free sketches if you guys are interested in my artwork! :) Also, I will be sharing my table with my friend, Jennifer chen. Check out her beatiful art work! >>Jennnifer Chen

See you there!



"NEW!! Name Card"

Yes, I've got new name card from friendly printer shop owner. I love the quality how they handle with side of corner which I want rounded and color is so well matched as monitor. I had an issue that color came out pretty dark from my previous print shop i used. I'm very happy how it's going with upcoming animation convention!

Stay tuned guys!



These are characters that I did it for fun and I will be taking these guys to my personal illustration!


"Music Band"

Personal Work - inspired by my younger sister's music band..Trying to push more characters and add more charms into my piece. Hope you like it! :-D




I started to realize importance of sketching environments!
I have invited people to do this every Saturday and  It was really fun drawing and fun chatting at the same time.


"Summer Vacation!"

Spending Summer in Vancouver has been fantastic! I can't wait to see my parents and my sister
coming next week for 3 days so that we can spend time here!


Kids Sketch!

These are some Kid Sketches I did for CTN Animation Expo on November. I will be giving out these sketches for free~
Can't wait to see awesome artists and art students!



Animal & Creature Sketches

Having fun with animal and creature sketches!
Happy Canada Day guys!



Character Sketch

These are sketches I've done before work and after work.
Some of them are done at coffee shop near my home.
I need to do this work!



I realized that I never did characters like warriors or knights. so i decided go crazy with this lol ..
More sketches and paintings are coming!


Time for Drive!

Pfff~~ oh yeah|!! it's time for drive! (' v')~

"Keeper of Nature"

Here I'd like to share with you guys that my process to begin my illustration.
First one is a sketch with col-erase pencil. I usually have simple idea or concept what kind of work I want to make.  For this one, I came up with a notion of "A Tiny hero who will protect our nature." And I try making a few variations of it in order to decide my best one. Then, I jump into Photoshop to transfer sketch into life.
Hope you enjoy this piece!


"Bath Time!"

After finishing up my short animated film project recently,
 I felt burned out a bit but I found unfinished work done in last year.
I think the reason I wasn't able to complete the work was I sometimes
became too stubborn to find out the idea from limited zone. Sudden
hindsight of "Do not Impress, Express" changed my thoughts. I learn to
be more flexible and try to play with place, time, and design, story that
I want to tell and most importantly, mood & lighting, which can be
 used to convey adequate feelings. Hope you enjoy my work!



Time flies! I've got a month left to finish my short film!
Here is a sneak peak of how my film looks! I will be
posting more B.G works after my film is completed!



This time I tried different lighting technique
Let me know if you have any feedback! :)



Yes! YES! I love drawing dino characters!
I will introduce my babies! yellow triceratops
type dino's name is PORI and turquoisey-blue,
the tiny character behind PORI is KOOMA.
I am currently making 1 min short film based on
KOOMA! I will post some of works in next two months!

Enjoy & be happy! = )


Character Sketches_04

My another Character sketches! This time, I tried using
2 different tones of markers like 30% and 50%  and  black
pens. Hope you enjoy this and let me know if you have any


"Warm Family"

Last month, my mother had surgery to remove gallbladder
because of her severe pain in her stomach. She's been supportive
for our family and I knew how hard she worked every day.This
incident motivates me to do this illustration and makes me think
about my precious family.

Wish you all happy with your family and Stay healthy!


Character Sketch_03

Character sketches based on people in winter time!