Merry Christmas!

I believed 2012 is end of the world, which was one of
my motivations to do art and live without regret. However,
 It's time to spend time with most valuable people, making
unforgettable memory and enjoy the time with great food and
talk! Wish you all have Merry Christmas and 2013 will be fantastic
year for all of you! ^^


Character Sketch_02

Character sketches from life :)



Last month, I got a great opportunity to visit park with
my family where people fish salmons and it was my first
time seeing it with my eyes. I used to see them on TV or
picture of fishing huge salmons. It was incredible! This is
a piece that I capture what I feel from observing what this
season of 2012 gives.

Hope you like it! ^^


Character Sketch

Inspired from fun characters in life.



When raining, is there anything or anyone you can think of?
I came up with this concept of taking care of  someone or
something that you think  it is important than you.



I did a 15 mins drawing from costume life drawing class
and decided to paint it :)


"Another Relaxing Day..."

Sometimes, it's good to think back and enjoy how and
why I've been chasing towards for my dream in order to
be liberated.  Because it helps me have fresh mind to
appreciate the moment that I am given and provide me
reasons to work hard daily basis.However, It will be amazing
if I can drop myself down and have a good relaxation in the
nature, which will make me feel good!



‎"Music & Boat"

Here is my art piece, called, "Music&Boat." One of favorite
thing about art is I like to express the beauty of nature. The reason
that I am doing art is because it makes me relax and I asked myself
one day, " Is there anything makes me feel good and give me fresh relaxation?"
I found out beautiful nature around me gives me the answer for that.

Can you hear the sound of nature?

Thank you!



One of my favorite creature is dinosaur! I always have fun
drawing my baby dinos. Hope you guys like it ^^



This personal illustration piece is called, Yaho. The reason 
I gave this title is that I recalled my memory when I had achieved 
climbing up Mountain with my dad, when I was little kid. When I breathe 
in and yelled out as all my energy coming out, the echo bounces back to 
me and I felt great satisfaction of being harmonized with the nature. I hope 
these two little creature characters somewhat feel the same way as I did. 



Character Design_03

It's been a while posting my work. I started doing internship with Studio NX
for 2 months this summer, working on a 45 sec trailer for Comic book!
It is great opportunity to work on a great project with these amazing artists.
I tried to squeeze some time to work on my personal work. Here I did paintings
on top of my character sketches.




My name is POOKI and I am porcupine. :)


Character Design_02

Happy 2012 Everyone!
For me, it was great time with family in my sweet home and meeting friends
and also doing my art as well. I've been recently working on Children's book,
based on classical fairly tale of "The Little Red Riding Hood" for E-Book
and it was really fun project. I will post some of them later! I decided to paint
these characters from sketches.