"Sweet Dream"

I had believed in Santa Claus til Grade 4. When the night before
Christmas day, I wrote a letter to Santa and put it on the desk. After
I woke up in the morning, there was a small gift right beside my head.
I couldn't describe the moment that I got from gift from Santa Claus..
very happy and excited. There was time that my mother told me "This year,
Santa has financial problem, so he might not come to visit our house." And
that was my last time that i could get the true gift from my lovely mother and
father.. Here is my illustration that I want to express the feeling at my
childhood's Christmas day- Sleeping with excitement to get a gift..

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year 2012!


Character Design

Character Design,based on cafe sketching and subway sketching 
and i finalized them with color :)


"2011 Royal Winter Fair"

It was great to visit RWF last weekend and sketch kids, people,
animals, and moment of individual life. Also, after RWF, having dinner
with my amazing 3rd year friends was another great time too! :)


"Falling Leaf"

This one is based on sketch from Algonquin Park.
I went there with family during the long weekend. Red,yellow
and Orange colours were so beautiful at that time and I decided
to make this before winter comes! :)


"Beauty of Life"

I took one of my memory pieces from my childhood and emotion
and decided to paint them..feeling beauty of nature..


"Please, Save Me"

We tend to forget very small things around us. Last week, i saw
Squirrel, trying to cross the street but he can't because of cars running
so fast.. and i decided to do something for what i want to say. Animals
have same life as we do same right to live as we do.


"Character Interaction"

I tried many time to express the emotion and feeling out of two characters...


"Tree studies& Cloud studies"

Try to understand the beauty of nature and express
them in different approach.. experiment with myself..